About Us

J2 delivers socially responsible and impactful geospatial intelligence services, enabling decision-making across diverse sectors.

Combining advanced, agile methodologies with deep-rooted military and community insights, we create comprehensive intelligence products that help fund the vital work of Disaster Relief Australia.

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Redefining precision with geospatial intelligence services

J2’s experience in austere and kinetic environments has honed an appreciation for the timely delivery of precise and accurate intelligence products. Employing tier-one drone and ground-based technologies, engaging experienced analysts, and utilising industry-leading software, J2 ensures that every project J2 undertakes is executed with the utmost precision.

This commitment to accuracy is at the core of J2’s services, providing clients with reliable and detailed geospatial insights.

Why Choose J2

Building a secure foundation through safety compliance

J2 and Disaster Relief Australia are a licensed operator under Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations. All personnel are licensed and insured to conduct drone operations and purpose-built software is utilised for planning and safe monitoring of flight operations.

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The J2 team & executive

J2’s team are a tenacious and values-driven team that is obsessed with precision and providing timely services that generate quality insight and impact.

The J2 team is comprised of leaders with a rich variety of experience and expertise. From seasoned military professionals with a background in special operations to business management experts with extensive industry knowledge, our team epitomises a blend of strategic acumen, operational excellence, and humanitarian insight. This diversity in skills and experiences ensures that J2 is equipped with the precision of military training, the experience in business intelligence, and a deep understanding of humanitarian needs.

Our carefully selected pilots, analysts and specialists are lead by a dedicated team of professionals who are all driven to innovate and deliver.

Disaster Relief Australia

J2 is a proud social enterprise of Disaster Relief Australia (DRA), a veteran-led non-profit organisation dedicated to disaster relief. Profits generated by J2 are channelled directly towards funding DRA’s mission.

DRA unites military veterans with emergency service specialists and civilian volunteers to provide crucial disaster recovery support globally. Since its inaugural mission in far north Queensland in 2017, DRA has evolved with a growing base of volunteers every ready to serve communities in times of need.
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