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At J2 Geospatial Intelligence Services, our roots are deeply entwined with Disaster Relief Australia’s legacy of utilising military expertise for humanitarian aid. We’ve harnessed this profound understanding to forge a new path in commercial geospatial intelligence, providing rapid, end-to-end solutions.

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J2 offers comprehensive geospatial intelligence services, from data acquisition to detailed analysis and reporting, ensuring accurate and timely geospatial data for every client’s unique needs.

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Each time J2 delivers industry-leading geospatial intelligence, it also furthers the charitable mission of Disaster Relief Australia, ensuring that your choice has a lasting, positive impact. Service with purpose.

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Experience rooted in defence tradecraft

J2’s experience can be traced back to defence force experience. Adapting the knowledge and tradecraft first to disaster relief, and now to commercial applications, J2 not only has a deep appreciation for accuracy and precision in acquiring, analysing and reporting actionable data, but also for the importance of timeliness.

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J2 collaborates with a diverse range of industry leaders, uniting our services with theirs to deliver exceptional results. Our partners not only enhance our capabilities but often become our valued clients, creating a dynamic ecosystem of mutual growth and success.
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